Benefits of Administrative Support





Increased efficiency:

  • Fast turnaround- documents and projects completed & returned in a timely manner
  • allows business owner more time available to focus on actual running of business or organization
  • time saved on training new employees

Cut overhead cost:

  • no holiday, sick leave, breaks, insurance, and extra office & equipment (Keeping a Level Business Administrative provides own office space & equipment)
  • no employee tax
  • no worker compensations
  • no training cost


Cost Comparison                    Full Time Employee    Virtual Admin Support

Hourly rate of pay                              $20.00                                   $30.00

Fringe Benefits @ 35%                       $7.00                                      None

(health, dental, life, 401K)

Overhead rate @ 50%                        $10.00                                   None

(office space, equip, OT)

Total Effective rate of pay                 $37.00                                   $30.00

Hours per year                                     2,080                                      480

Total Cost annually                       $76,960                                 $14,400




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