An Administrative consultant is a trained individual who works with clients in an ongoing support relationship.  At Keeping a Level Business Administrative support we offer monthly retainer rates as well as hourly rates for one time projects.  Our goal is to build a working collaborative partnership with our clients on an ongoing basis.

Keeping a Level Business Administrative will always conduct a free consult of needs and goals before quote is supplied

Will use time management software to track time.  If requested detailed report will be provided.

First projects for new clients and all projects over $200.00 require a 50% retainer.

Full disclosure of additional fees (specialty paper, custom printing, posting) will be provided to client ahead of time.

Keeping a Level Business Administrative accepts payments through PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required to pay KLB invoice.

All information is kept strictly private and confidential.  Non-disclosure agreement will be included in the client’s contract.

A signed contract outlining project details, plan selected, expected completion date is required by both parties prior to commencement of services.


All 1st time clients who select a retainer package, will receive a 2 hour discount!


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